1.    While approaching an insurance agent to buy family medical insurance in Virginia, make sure he/she tells you the truth about any policy you want to discuss. One of the best things in Virginia is that the costs are regulated by the state and not by agents. So, if one insurance agent promises a great policy for $200/month while the same policy has been quoted a price of $300/month, it is clear that the former agent is not giving you the right price. The most important factor that you need to consider before believing any insurance agent is the honesty that he/she maintains with you. It is clear that that some individual factors will increase your risk and raise the cost of the policy. If the agent does not tell you about this, be assured that the agent won’t suit your needs. 2.    It is pretty important to make sure you are getting the coverage that need. Because your family members would be included as dependents, it is necessary to chalk out the total coverage needed for every family member. While discussing the plans with an insurance agent, you need to concentrate on plans that are offering the coverage up to the desired level. If the insurance agent is trying to sell a particular company’s plans, you may like to keep away from such sales. 3.    If you have issues with a pre-existing medical condition, it is better to ask the insurance agent to mention it. If any of the family members has some pre-existing conditions, you need to tell the agent to include them. Some insurers do not provide coverage for some of them while some of conditions could be considered including, diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, and hypertension, etc.4.    While selecting an insurance agent, make sure there are multiple companies represented by the agent. An insurance offering one company’s plan is only a salesman and should not be the best resource if you are buying family health insurance in Virginia for the first time. If you have bought it earlier and know all the terms and conditions about it, then perhaps you can think about going for single-company-representative5.    While buying family medical insurance in Virginia, it makes sense to have a high deductible costs to reduce the monthly premium. If you and your family members are enjoying good health, you should not worry about having higher deductibles because you will not need them on regular basis. 6.    At the last, make sure you have asked all the questions and cleared your doubts before buying a family medical insurance plan in Virginia. If you are not satisfied, get an appointment with another agent and discuss some plans with a different person. This will help increase your knowledge and can offer more options also.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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